Posted by: David Giacalone | November 7, 2010

faces and paces at Stockade-athon 2010

– find our 2011 Stockade-athon photos at

– for more photos see “Stockade-athon 2010 visits Lawrence” –

The 2010 version of the Gazette Stockade-athon was a pleasure to witness and photograph as the runners traversed our Stockade neighborhood on a brisk and sunny Sunday morning. This post has a Slideshow with 53 photographs, and a Gallery with the same photos.  You can share this posting using the short URL:

Feel free to use any photo for personal, noncommercial purposes.  For other uses, see our Copyright Policy near the bottom of the About Page.

Names: If you would like me to add your name to the description of a photo, or to delete it, please tell me with a Comment (which I will then delete), describing the picture.

– Andy Allstadt won the race with Tim Chichester in 2nd place; Amanda LoPiccolo won the women’s division, with Emily LaSalla placing 2nd – The Daily Gazette has the results for the men’s division and the women’s race (Nov. 8, 2010, subscription req’d) –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The faces showed a wide range of emotion and were a joy to capture.  The following Gallery contains the same pictures as the Slideshow above.  If you click on a photo in the Gallery, you will be taken to a larger version; scroll over a photo for a description.

– for more photos see our earlier post “Stockade-athon 2010 visits Lawrence” –

p.s. There are no action shots, but the Albany Times Union has a gallery with 75 photos of posed Stockade-athon 2010 contestants. And, see Herb Terns’ post in his TU Outdoors weblog, describing his run yesterday and his love of the race.

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