Posted by: David Giacalone | November 7, 2010

Stockade-athon 2010 visits Lawrence

– find our 2011 Stockade-athon photos at

– the lead car heads west up Front Street toward the Lawrence Circle in the 2010 Gazette Stockade-athon –

. . below the introduction, you will find a couple dozen photos presented as a Slideshow and then as a Gallery . .  You will find 50 more photos at our posting “faces and paces at Stockade-athon 2010”.

runners passing the Lawrence Circle in Stockade-athon 2010

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As always, Lawrence looked a lot more patient than I felt this morning, waiting for about 1400 runners in the 15k Gazette Stockade-athon to pass through our Stockade neighborhood.  Like last year [click for our 2009 Stockade-athon coverage], sunny skies and the last remnants of autumn foliage made for a lovely background, and the 40-degree temperature seemed about right for running a 9.3 mile race.

This year, I’m putting up two postings of photographs to cover the event as it passed through the Stockade.  This first one focuses on the leading waves of runners as they approached and ran past Lawrence’s Circle. (You’ll find the second posting at “faces and paces at Stockade-athon 2010”, with 50 photos.)

Names: Some people like seeing their name on websites and some do not.  In the description of various photographs, which can be seen be scrolling over a photo, I have somewhat arbitrarily identified runners who finished in the Top Ten in the men’s and women’s divisions.  If you would rather not have your name mentioned, please contact me through the Comment link and I will remove the name (and the Comment).  If, on the other hand, you would like me to add your name to the description of a photo, please tell me with a Comment, describing the picture.

Feel free to use any photo for personal, noncommercial purposes.  For other uses, see our Creative Commons Copyright Policy near the bottom of the About Page.

The slideshow and the Gallery below are presented in the order in which I snapped the shots (except for the last two photos) — meaning the runners are shown in the order in which they reached me and Lawrence.   You can scroll over each photo in the Gallery for a description of the picture, and click on it for a larger version.

Andy Allstadt (R #2) won the race and Tim Chichester (L #5) was runner-up

– runners 5 & 2 were the first to reach the Lawrence Circle –

– #2 Andy Allstadt won the race with #5 Tim Chichester in 2nd place; Amanda LoPiccolo won the women’s division, with Emily LaSalla placing 2nd – The Daily Gazette has results for the top finishers in the men’s division and the women’s race (Nov. 8, 2010, subscription req’d). The full results results, including name, city, Bib Number and times, for each of the 1392 entrants who finished the 2010 Stockade-athon are posted at the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club’s website. –

I apologize to my Stockade neighbors and other friends in the race for failing to capture your efforts; it was simply not possible for me to recognize the runners as they approached me and to react in time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said above, you can scroll over each photo in the following Gallery for a description of the picture, and click on it for a larger version.


– Go to our second posting at “faces and paces at Stockade-athon 2010” for 50 more photos –


  1. Great job as always David. Here are the results which include the bib numbers runners wore.

    I can see the top of my bald head right behind the runner in the green shirt who takes up most of the photo.

    Thanks for taking pictures.

  2. Many thanks for your generous praise and for pointing me to the results page with bib numbers. Of course, the lazy curmudgeon Editor of this weblog who is my alter ego reminds me this means more work after far too many hours on this project the past two days.

    Folks should know that they can click here for the photo with your mostly-hidden image.

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