Posted by: David Giacalone | October 29, 2010

late autumn colors make Union St. glow

When I noticed yesterday (Oct. 28, 2010) how many leaves were being blown off our Stockade trees, I hurried out to catch the remaining autumn colors on camera, on a sunny Thursday afternoon, at various spots along Union Street (mostly on and near its 200 block).  Some might call the fall foliage “past peak,” but there was much beauty to enjoy.


You will find a slideshow below with 18 of the photos taken, including a look at the tasteful, newly-painted facade of my former nextdoor-neighboring house at 216 Union St.


Below the slideshow you’ll find the pictures in gallery format and can click on them for larger versions.



– the First Presbyterian cemetery was inspiring –

Here’s the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . .

Scroll over a photo in the gallery below for a description; click on a gallery photo for a larger version; clicking on that larger version will bring you to the (usually) even larger jpg. source image.

. . .

. .



– 216 Union Street joins a sizable group of newly-painted Stockade homes –

Of course, leaves were not the only yellow and orange items to be found on Union St. in October 2010:

Naturally, despite the influence of a certain 3-year-old boy, I prefer natural blondes and redheads:



p.s. Just a year ago, our Washington Ave. cherry blossom trees inspired the posting “not just an April infatuation” (October 30, 2009).  We modestly suggest it is well worth another look.

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