Posted by: David Giacalone | October 13, 2010

the lovely redhead down the block (updated)

. . . 

– the view on Columbus Day from Washington Ave. up Front St. –

. as always, click on a photo for a larger version .

She caught my attention from a block away. Mid-morning on each of the recent run of sunny days, I spotted a small, flaming-red tree down the block on the south side of Front St., near Governor’s Lane and west of N. Church Street.   Each day, I paused a moment to marvel at the sight, but was heading in the other direction and got no closer.  When I did walk or drive past the tree over the long weekend, the sun was no longer illuminating it and I (being superficial) paid her no attention — not even noticing that it stood in front of 10 Front Street.

Yesterday morning, I decided to get acquainted with the deciduous enchantress, and to capture her with my camera before time, wind and rain diminished the autumnal beauty.  So, I pointed my Canon down the block and to a short walk up Front Street.

Like any good model, the small tree changes its “personality” when viewed from different perspectives and with varied lighting and backgrounds.   My local authority on just about everything, Rob Petito, identified the specimen as acer rubrum, a red maple (and the tag on its lowest branch, which Rob kindly pointed out to me, confirmed his observation).

I’m not sure why one rather scrawny little tree has captured my fancy and given me so much pleasure.   Here are some of my favorite shots of the young Stockade redhead, which Faddegon’s calls a Maple Autumn Flame.


. . .




.  . . . 


. . I can’t wait until next October to see my Autumn Flame ablaze again.

update (October 22, 2010):  I revisited my little redhead just nine days after the above photos were taken.   As you can see, some forms of beauty are indeed impermanent (click on each for a larger photo).

. . .  .

Of course, the cycle that will bring back her autumn beauty has already begun.  Absent some unexpected tragedy, our patience will be amply rewarded next October.

p.s. Down the block, there’s another lovely sight.  A couple weeks ago, during the Walkabout, I snapped a photo of 19 Front St. being painted.  If you haven’t seen the results, here’s the finished product at Liz Gemmette’s home:


Quite a few Stockade homes have been recently painted, and others (such as 15 and 17 Washington Ave. and 11 Front St.) are currently being prepared for new paint.  Thanks to all the homeowners who continue to maintain and beautify our neighborhood.

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