Posted by: David Giacalone | April 18, 2014

a Mohawk River jam session for your Easter basket


  My weather predictions and river forecasts occasionally go awry, but it seems safe to say this Good Friday morning that there will be no Spring flooding this year in the Schenectady Stockade due to ice jams along the Mohawk River.  Although I am glad that my neighbors won’t be suffering property damage, emotional distress, or general fear of flooding, it is difficult not to be a bit nostalgic for the stunning beauty and photographic opportunities that can come with ice floes and jams, or sunlight reflecting off water that has overflown its banks to transform familiar places and scenes.

If you are not sure why I would praise the strange beauty and quirky juxtaposition of ice floes, I suggest you take a look at the photo-book I just created at Shutterfly, called “Jamming on the Mohawk : ice floes and jams along the Mohawk River near the Schenectady Stockade.” It is 20 pages with over 60 shots taken along the Stockade stretch of the Mohawk River over the past five years.

You can click on this link, “Jamming on the Mohawk, to “preview” the book at Shutterfly at no cost, with a Full Screen version available.  Below, I’ve also inserted the pages of Jamming on the Mohawk in a Slideshow, and in a Gallery that is at the bottom of this posting.

front cover

front cover

 Note: I have chosen not to make any profit from my Stockade photography hobby.  Should you order a copy of one of my books from Shutterfly, I get none of the proceedings.  If you decide to order from them, I hope you will be able to use various discounts and promotional codes that Shutterfly frequently offers to those who register with them.  Whether you view a book online or in hardcopy, I hope you will enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Stockade neighborhood and riverfront.

back cover . . .  title page

  – back cover [L] and title page of “Jamming on the Mohawk” (by David Giacalone, 2014 ©)

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16 - 17

16 – 17

If you click on one of the Gallery thumbnail images below, you can see a larger version of the page.

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