Posted by: David Giacalone | July 23, 2014

scenes from the 2014 Stockade Picnic

IMG_5085   The 2014 Stockade Picnic took place yesterday (Tuesday, July 22) evening, at its traditional location east of N. Ferry St. and the Pumphouse, in Riverside Park, along the Mohawk River.  Once again, the semi-potluck event was sponsored by the Safety Committee of the Stockade Association and Neighborhood Watch.


It was a suitably laidback, mellow and neighborly affair, on a warm and humid day. This year’s live entertainment was by the folkie and folksy duo Terry and Linda, who appear regularly at Arthur’s Market.

Many of the Stockade’s most sociable divas had to be elsewhere, and so we had a bit less sauciness, and no dancing to speak of, this year.  (Yes, we did miss you, Lydia, Sylvie, Susannah, and Connie.)

I hope this Slideshow will give you a good idea of  our good-neighbors event along the Mohawk.

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table with No-Casino petitions


Joanne Arco, the Balloon Lady, was very popular

Joanne Arco, the Balloon Lady, was very popular

The only noticeable difference this year was the addition of a table near the picnic with No Casino in Schenectady signs and Petitions. It was about as lowkey as an activist incursion can be, and Mohammed Hafez, Linda Kelleher and myself had a nice time chatting with picnickers who came over to sign and/or schmooze.  We did not get a boatload of signatures, but we did obtain our 100th signature against the casino by a Stockade resident or owner.(Click here for a copy of the Petition; and learn about the CasiNO campaign at


– Robin White [L], Linda Kelleher, Mohammed Hafez –



  • For more Stockade Picnic scenes, see our presentation in 2013, 2012, and 2011.

The following Gallery includes all of the photos seen in the Slideshow



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