Posted by: David Giacalone | August 3, 2014

one more reason to visit Schenectady’s Rose Garden (the refurbished pond)


– click on a photo for a larger version –

An article in Thursday’s Gazette titled “Rose Garden Pond fixed up, tour scheduled” (July 31, 2014, at C2) motivated me to make my annual Rose Garden photoshoot yesterday (Saturday).   The article explained:

  IMG_5151 “The original pond was stagnant and built from concrete, which weathered over time and developed cracks. Decker’s Landscaping and Aquatics remodeled the pond, creating a small waterfall and creek to run under the 46-year-old bridge.”

When I got there with my photo mentor Yu Chang, a bridal group was gathered on the bridge.  The remodeled pond looked great, the roses were in great shape in the Garden, and the sun came out to illuminate leaves and draw intriguing shadows under the trees.

 . . . trees near the Rose Garden in Schenectady's Central Park  01Aug2014


IMG_5187 This Slideshow contains my favorite shots from this afternoon. They may make you want to visit Schenectady’s fine rose garden (or, perhaps, save you a trip).

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pond & bridge (August 2009)


– looking under the Bridge o2Aug2014 –

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– another photographer seemed to be having a great time –

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