Posted by: David Giacalone | April 29, 2017

tulips and blossoms: “better than sewage”

.  . For coverage of the Pump Station in the Park Controversy, see “the at-risk West Lawn of Riverside Park” (below), and “Not In Our Park!“, at “snowmen at the gates” . .

 One of my favorite Stockade Grande Dames reminded me this afternoon that tulips were “better than sewage” as a focus of attention. Now that the neighborhood has a nice complement of tulips and other blossoms along its streets, I finally have enough flowery images to share here at suns along the Mohawk, despite the (almost total*) failure of this year’s cherry blossom crop. I think they’re a lot better than sewage, and I hope you agree, after checking out our Slideshow.

*  Below: rare, hardy Stockade 2017 cherry blossoms. [L] 31 Front St; [Middle & R] 1 Union St. A bonus photo by Bob Stern is at the foot of this posting.

    . . .   . . . 

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. . don’t forget: enjoy our blossoms, and love our trees! .. 

To reminisce about Cherry Blossoms in the Stockade, see:

 CB-BStern2017Bonus [at L]: Here’s a photo by Bob Stern of cherry blossoms along the parking lot of the Front Street Swimming Pool. Thanks, Bob.

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