Posted by: David Giacalone | May 18, 2018

a selective 2018 Stockade tulip sampler


My tulip searches around the Stockade turned out to be too early or too late this year. But, on May 14, I grabbed my camera and monopod determined to get a few good photos, despite post-peak fears. Riverside Park’s west-end garden and the entryway to First Reformed Church are featured in this posting. As often happens, I need to thank the sunlight for helping to make things interesting. [Click on an image for a larger version.]

IMG_7195 . . . IMG_7196

. . above: west end of Riverside Park, looking [L] east and [R] west . . 

below: entryway of First Reformed Church, Union Street at N. Church St. .






 Here are two collages, one with Riverside Park tulips and one with First Reformed. Click on either for a larger version:

tulips1sReformed14May2018.   . . tulipsRiversidePark14May

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