Posted by: David Giacalone | February 13, 2020

Lawrence’s faithful Flamingos are back for 2020


LATE NIGHT PREVIEW, Thursday February 13:


They are going to look awfully good under a blue sky tomorrow, Valentine’s Day 2020. So, please bundle up and stroll or drive to Lawrence Circle for the one-day annual Valentine visit of a flock of Flamingos (very pink and plastic) to Schenectady’s Stockade. They are at N. Ferry and Front Streets (Green St., too), and will leave after dark on the 14th.

Before noon on Friday, there will be a flamboyance of flamingo fotos right here at suns along the Mohawk. If you can’t wait, check out last year’s coverage of this happy, romantic, and mysterious Stockade tradition.

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IMG_0958-001 . . . . IMG_0960 

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IMG_0944 . . like all of us, this pair can’t wait for Arthur’s Market to reopen . .


Here’s the first few of a couple dozen Flamingo photos that will soon be posted here. They were all taken between 10:30 and 10:40 A.M. under the promised blue sky, with frigid temperatures.



. . IMG_0986-001

. . Please enjoy this Slideshow trip around Lawrence Circle.

For a larger version of a photo in the Slideshow, pause the show on the photo, right-click on it, and choose Show Image in New Tab.

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. . here are a few of my 2020 Flamingo Valentine favorites . .







Check out our Valentine Flamingo Category in the righthand margin for links to a decade of Valentine Flamingo coverage. Also, please click on the image to the left for a brief introduction to the story of our Stockade Valentine Flamingos, from the title page of the book shown below.

Flamingos4thCover.  And, click the following link for a full look at the 4th edition of my very first photo-book: “Valentine Flamingos in the Schenectady Stockade: whimsy and mystery at Lawrence Circle” (4th Edition, 2020). The book has been expanded to 24 pages and follows a dozen years of the pink flamingo Valentine tradition and mystery at Lawrence Circle in the Stockade, with 60 photos.

And, Special Thanks, once again, to my favorite weatherman (and dog-lover) Steve Caporizzo, who again featured our Stockade Valentine Flamingos on his News 10 weather segment.  [His caption aide meant “Giacalone”, of course.]


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