Posted by: David Giacalone | March 28, 2020

blue sky stroll under a hidden corona








DSCF5622-001 . . Play Lot quarantined

We’ve had a great spate of lovely blue skies here in Schenectady, since the ides of March, as we adjust to the Corona-Virus crisis and social distancing. [See the Gazette article “Social walks a cure for springtime isolation“, by Jeff Wilkin, March 28, 2020.) If you haven’t been able to get out, join me virtually as I stroll from Riverside Park to the Jay Street Pedestrian Mall and back on Friday March 27, 2020, under the sun’s hidden corona.

This Slideshow follows my walk, with about two dozen images that caught my eye (and captions, where appropriate).

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  • Not seen, enjoyable conversations along with way — at a responsible distance, of course — with folks like Kathy Fitzmaurice of the Katbird Shop and Dr. Lawrence Schmidt (Tanner’s valet).

If you stroll, please take the example of Snoopy and Woodstock:


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The bloom-less view at the front of First Reformed Church, Union and N. Church Streets, reminded me that the Stockade will soon be blossoming again. In 2012, the editor here at Suns Along the Mohawk celebrated an incredible treasure blossoming at First Reformed in mid-April, with tulips, redbuds, apple blossoms and more. See “bloomin’ lovely at 1st Reformed” (April 19, 2012). Here are samples in a collage bouquet:


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