Posted by: David Giacalone | March 4, 2021

a new era starts at Arthur’s 1795

IMG_2973 . .



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A Stockade tradition is being renewed today, with 35 North Ferry Street (at Lawrence Circle) once again the location of a lively, lovely, and open market and cafe, to wit Arthur’s 1795, which uses the date of the first market at spot. [Facebook Page]. For many of us, the Stockade feels much more like a community when that corner of our neighborhood stands ready to welcome us. Many thanks to Haley Whalen (and her staff) for committing so much in effort and resources to bringing back Arthur’s.  Scroll down the homepage at for some history and gratitude. 

I showed up at about 11 AM on opening day (March 4) with a reservation to enter and enjoy. This being an important Stockade event, I naturally had my camera.  I also had my Happy Bag carry-sack and brought the old Italian phrase used instead of wishing good luck: “In bocca al lupo!” with its reply: “Crepi!“, meant to keep the wolf (not the world) from the door. By the way: I enjoyed the ambiance, staff, coffee and savory little pie. 

HappyBag  . . RedRidingHood-Lupo-Crepi 

On Saturday, March 6, I returned with a couple friends and took a few more photos.

Below you will find only a few of the scenes and items waiting for your visitation at Arthurs 1795. Click on a square tile for a full, larger version of the image.

. . . 

  • IMG_2964 For a closer look at the large array of items available at Arthur’s 1795, with photos and prices, see their Online-Order Page

. . Come and see what owner Haley, manager Rachel, baker Julia, and barista Megan have cooked, baked, brewed, and otherwise prepared for all of us. 

. . IMG_2975


  • 2019WalkaboutArthursAt the September 2019 Walkabout, Haley told visitors of her plans, from within the pre-re-habbed Arthur’s Market:



p.s. The last time we had an official (re)opening of Arthur’s Market was December 19, 2013, when Richard Genest was the proprietor. See our coverage here. The photo to the right was taken at 6 PM that evening. 

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