Posted by: David Giacalone | November 20, 2009

Stockade riverfront seen from Western Gateway Bridge

– “my neighborhood” – the rear of Washington Ave. and Cucumber Alley (Nov. 15, 2009) –

As noted in our posting Wednesday, titled “paying attention to the Western Gateway Bridge,” I took photos from that Bridge for the very first time last Sunday (November 15, 2009). WGB spans the Mohawk River just west of the Stockade, connecting Schenectady and Scotia, along New York Route 5.   The pictures in this post show portions of the Stockade riverbank, including “my block” at the rear of Cucumber Alley and the first block of Washington Ave. [Click on a photo to enlarge and scroll over it for a description.]

Here’s a wide view of the Stockade from the Western Gateway Bridge, with Isle of the Cayugas on the left and Gateway Landing on the right:

And, this is a portion of Riverside Park, from Governor’s Lane eastward toward the Pump House:

. . . & the east end of the Park. . .

The two houses on Cucumber Alley share this photo with the spire of the First Reform Church:

Finally, this is the riverbank that borders my backyard, behind 10 and 16 Washington Avenue (from which many a sunset photo has been taken):

. . and the riverside getaway of our good neighbors Bob and Sylvie Briber, 1 Cucumber Alley, which I have dubbed “Casa Cayugas” . .

… which was still hidden behind foliage on Oct. 27, 2009 . .


  1. Lovely way to start a nippy fall morning.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I’m thankful for thoughtful friends and weblog fans like you, Beverly. Haven’t seen you around the ‘hood in ages. I hope I will before T-day.

    Meanwhile, a nip at 9:15 in the morning sounds rather adventurous.

  3. David,
    Thanks for these great photos and narrative captions. I lived at #4 Cucumber Alley until 2002, when the Coutures bought this heavenly little property. I sent links to my son, who grew up and loved living there, now in California.
    Leiah (used to be Bobbie) Bowden

    • Thanks back at you, Leiah, for your kind words. I can see the Cucumber Alley sign just outside my window at the corner of Washington Ave., as I type this comment. Do you want me to say hello to anyone from you?

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