Posted by: David Giacalone | June 26, 2010

not a garden in sight

From a “cupcake stand” double-decker bus to a Buddha head under a tree, I saw everything but a garden today, as I strolled desultorily around our Stockade neighborhood.  Judging from the number of visitors walking about our little Historic District Friday afternoon and today, the Secret Garden Tour 2010 looked like a success.  Congratulations to all who worked to make it all come together.

– a window peek at the counter of Bettie’s Cupcake Stand bus –

Don’t forget you can click on a photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description.

I might not have taken out my camera on this mostly-gray Saturday, but the sight of the now famous pink Bettie’s double-decker Cupcake Stand, in the 1st Reform Church parking lot at No. Church and Fronts Streets, was too much to resist:

– although its pink hues were subdued on a cloudy day, Bettie’s Cupcake Stand was still a standout –

. . .  Bettie’s Cakes has a cupcakery Cafe in Saratoga Springs (map) and a mobile “Cupcake Stand” double-decker bus headquartered on Delaware Ave. in Delmar (map).

The wedding-like white swags adorning Lawrence’s Circle were also worth a special trip down the block to memorialize the scene with my Canon PowerShot.  According to the Secret Garden Tour 2010 website, the Anthology Design Studio was its official floral designer and transformed Lawrence into the “floral centerpiece of this biennial event.”

– Do you think our Native American icon was consulted about his make-over? –

At the other end of the block from Lawrence, at North Church St., I thought I’d check out the view from behind that easel . . . :

. . . 

. . . before heading up Governor’s Lane to see a few antiques vendors and other distractions in Riverside Park.

At the foot of the ancient and giant Riverside Park tree just west of the Pump Station (one of my favorite plants on the planet), I found the sculpted head of Siddhartha Gautam, the Buddha.  Siddhartha (and, no that is not his Market at Lawrence’s Circle) was patiently waiting for the return of his new owner, who needs no introduction to we Stockade residents:

– Lyn Gordon with a Buddha smile –

Antiques vendor John Desmond brought a variety of wares from his home in Central Bridge.  Besides Buddha, for example, he was peddling:

. . .

– movie posters, Micky Mouse, glassware and assorted tasteful chachkas –

Before heading back home, I had to take quite a few shots to get a good one of the surprisingly quick pirate ship Valkyrie as it buzzed the Riverside Park and fled along the Mohawk:

It probably wasn’t pirates, but some miscreants have apparently purloined a large white signboard, with yellow sides, that was advertising the Secret Garden Tour.  It was last seen at Church and Union Sts.  If you see the signboar, please let Carol DeLaMater know at .

With cheerier news, Carol wrote to the Stockade Yahoo! email list that:

“The tour itself was a great success with lots of visitors enjoying the streets and garden and river views.  thanks to al neighbors who helped out or brightened up their stoeps with flowers or helped visitors find their way around.”


  1. David, thanks for the fun photos and commentary esepecially since I missed the entire event – gardens, socializng with neighbors and the venders in the park this year.

    I like your imagery of wedding cakes or our mom’s white sheets on the line. They did look swagged when the wind took them over the line.

    I wonder if Rob thought to ask Debbie of Victoria Veronica Florist to do the centerpiece. She’s not only a downtown business but a Stockade resident and property owner.


    • You are very welcome. Sorry you missed Mickey and cupcakes. I don’t recall having mentioned clothes lines in print; you must have been reading my mind.

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