Posted by: David Giacalone | July 12, 2010

a mostly southeastern Stockade sunset

– Lawrence Circle, looking southeast toward Green St – 11July2010 –

. . . Last night (Sunday, July 11), I was walking up Front St. toward N. Ferry, planning to turn left left and end up at Riverside Park for an early sunset stroll and photo shoot.  That plan was postponed, however, when I got to Lawrence’s Circle and noticed the interesting colors and clouds in the sky “over” Green Street and beyond looking toward the southeast.

The result was an unusual (for me, at least) perspective on sunset focusing on the southeastern sky and featuring the simple yet lovely shape of the steeple on the 1st Presbyterian Church, which fronts on Union St. and has a parking lot on its north side that stretches to Green St.  I would have loved to be on the roof of a two- or three- story building for a better view of the multi-colored sky and clouds, but had to make do from street level.

. . .

– as always, click on a photo for a larger version –

-sunset looking toward the southeast from the Green St. parking lot of 1st Presbyterian Church – 11Jul2010

For a bit of variety, I snapped a few of the shots from the sideyard of St. George’s Episcopal Church near N. Ferry St.

. . .

. .  . .

By the time I got to Riverside Park, it seemed that the eastern sky had a more dramatic sunset last night than did the western sky over the Mohawk River.  I ended up concentrating on the scene from the end of Governor’s Lane:

. . .

. . .

– sunset reflected in the windows of the house at the end of Governor’s Lane –

My sunset walk ended when a pair of mosquitoes found me — and rescued me from yet another “what’s up with the dock?” conversation.

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