Posted by: David Giacalone | March 28, 2012

sunshine blooms on March 26th

– forsythia in rear of 10 Front St. in the afternoon sun –

– St. George’s cemetery –

The early blooming this year, along with a couple of hard frosts, seems to have left many of our cherry blossom trees with buds that aren’t opening.  The same is true for the magnolia trees.  Nonetheless, the sunny afternoon of March 26 brought out our customary Stockade Spring beauty — often starring those show-off forsythia bushes.  A few examples appear below.

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update (March 29, 2012): Good news.  Some of the cherry blossoms buds that I had thought were aborted blossomed overnight here on Washington Ave, filling out the trees.

  . . . 


 . . .

– another difference from last year – 15 Washington Ave. [on R. 2012] –


 Click to see Stockade blossoms from the past few years:

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