Posted by: David Giacalone | September 8, 2014

strolling the 2014 Outdoor Art Show


Linda Biggers’ exhibit

. . Five hours of strolling, schmoozing and snapping photos at the 63rd Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show left me with a feeling of satisfaction, and a few hundred photographs to sort through, edit, cull, and select. The sunlight, shadows and blue skies turned the show into a playground for photographers (even the amateurs, like me).  The first result was the posting that went up last night, called “2014: an outstanding art show,” which has a couple dozen photos of the winning artists and their work.  This morning-after submission has over 80 additional images of the art, artists, architecture, assemblage, audience, and ambiance of the 2014 Outdoor Art Show.


– great weather made for good appetites at St. George’s cookout –


The photos in the following Slideshow are arrayed in chronological order, from my arrival on Front Street around 11 A.M. until my walk back to my Stockade home a little after 4 PM.  Each of the photos in the Slideshow can also be found in the Gallery at the end of this posting, with thumbnails that you can click on for larger versions of each image.



Stacey Lauren-Kennedy was assigned to the Show by the Gazette

. . .  IMG_5649

 – Jackie Danek in her customary location –


IMG_5694-001  . . .  IMG_5704

– Ashley Laper helps out at her Dad, Robert Laper, at his exhibit –

 . . . right next to Steve Kowalski’s display:

IMG_5686-001 . . . IMG_5687

Sharing: Artists may use images of their work for any purpose. All others may use photographs for noncommercial purposes.  Please attribute any photo you use to David Giacalone and suns along the Mohawk.

The Gallery below contains each of the photos found in the Slideshow.  Click on a thumbnail for a large version.


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