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2014: winners from an outstanding art show

 . . . IMG_5797

– above: Lawrence with 1st Place Winner by Val Robert; below: Sandra Garlick’s 1st Time Exhibitor winner –

painting by Sandra Garlick, Best First-Time Exhibitor - 2014 Stockade Outdoor Artshow

– click  on a  photo for a larger version –

1oas2014winnerslist  A gorgeous Sunday afternoon in the Stockade was the scene of an outstanding Outdoor Art Show, the 63rd presented around Lawrence Circle. Even our neighborhood curmudgeons kept praising the sunlight and temperature and crowd.

There was a lot more talent and enjoyable art than can fit around Lawrence’s winner Circle.  This might have been the first year when I heard no discouraging words, just appreciation, from the crowd as the awards were presented and displayed. Here is the list of impressive winning art, with examples mixed in:

. . NOTE: go to “strolling the 2014 Outdoor Art Show“, for a posting with 80 more photos from the Art Show –

IMG_5790update: note: Inna Zalucki’s piece was disqualified and is no longer the 2nd Place Winner –


  •  Val Robert being given the 1st Place Ribbon at the 2014 Stockade Outdoor Art Show by Bill Buell on behalf of the Gazette . 1st Place: Val Robert
  • 2nd Place: Inna Zalucki [disqualified for failure to meet the originality requirements of the Show]
  • 2nd Place: Richard Sacchetti . IMG_5822

–  below: Hon.  Mention selection by Mary Occhiogrosso –


Mary Occhiogrosso’s Honorably Mentioned piece


  • Mary Occhiogrosso
  • OAS2014-WilliamsBonsai  Vanessa Williams
  • Bonnie White . . IMG_5771-001
  • George Searing
  • Michael Chernoff . .

    Michael Chernoff’s honorably mentioned piece


IMG_5802 . . IMG_5798 .

– [L] Oakroom Artists Award winner  by Kevin Kuhne; [R] Best Stockade Depiction by Kenneth  Hawkey –


  • Colangelo Award for First Time Exhibitor: Sandra Garlick
  • Cohen Award: Best Depiction of the Stockade: Kenneth Hawkey
  • Gilliland Award: Oakroom Artists: Kevin Kuhne
  • People’s Choice Award: Alec Acevedo


IMG_5865-001 . pair of sculptures by 2nd-place Student winners Ariella Kuhn & Frances Marino

  • Matthew Helms
  • Ariella Kuhn & Frances Marino
  • Jackie Danek

IMG_5831 . . IMG_5835-002

–  [R] Jackie Danek’s 3rd Place Student winner; [L] 1st Place Student award by Matthew Helms –


– This slideshow features images around the Lawrence-Winners Circle; they are all included in the Gallery at the foot of thus posting –



honorably mentioned painting by George Searing


JamMohCover –



If you’ve enjoyed these photos of a special day in the Stockade, you might want to take an online look at My Photobooks. The topics are: Our Valentine Pink Flamingos; Ice Jams along the Mohawk; the Stockade’s two cemeteries, and the interesting month of September 2011 –


Sharing: Artists may use images of their work for any purpose. All others may use photographs for noncommercial purposes.  Please attribute any photo you use to David Giacalone and suns along the Mohawk.

The Gallery below contains thumbnails of all the photos above in this posting. Click on the imagine for a larger version. Artists may use any image of their art for any purpose.  All others may use photographs for noncommercial purposes.  Please attribute any photo you use to David Giacalone and suns along the Mohawk.


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