Posted by: David Giacalone | April 27, 2016

8 A.M. down Cucumber Alley at the Erie Canal


.. rear of 1 Cucumber Alley [click photo for larger version]..

When I heard this morning that the Erie Canal opened for 2016 at 7 AM today, I put on waterproof shoes to deal with dewy lawns, and grabbed my camera and monopod. Even though I hadn’t had my first mug of coffee yet, I pointed sleepy eyes and clumsy feet toward the rear of  Washington Avenue and Cucumber Alley, back to the Mohawk riverbank, hoping to see an interesting boat or two out on our stretch of the Canal.
IMG_0435 Although no watercraft came along after twenty minutes, I definitely can’t complain: I got another beautiful, quiet morning visit to the Mohawk without leaving my backyard, and got to see a little of the sparkling street-side of the Alley, too.

This slideshow presents my lazy morning photoshoot in the order the pictures were taken. (Yes, I did start back for that mug of coffee, but turned around before climbing up the front steps, for a second try at spying a tug or barge, or maybe a yellow school bus on the bridge.) If you weren’t able to idle away some of your morning under the lovely Spring sunshine, I hope this show lets you pretend that you did.

To see a larger version of a photo in the slideshow, pause on the photo, right click on it, and choose Show Image in Other Window . .

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yard between 10 and 16 Washington Ave.

yard between 10 and 16 Washington Ave.

During, the decade I lived on Union Street across from 1st Presbyterian, the mornings had there own special feel. But, I regret not making it down to the River before heading to court or sitting at my old Apple computer. So, I’m glad that when I downsized, I found Cucumber Alley and Mohawk mornings. My carbon footprint got smaller, but my horizons clearly broadened.


. . I’m already missing Kathy Johnson’s bright seasonal banners at 3 Front St. . . 

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