Posted by: David Giacalone | May 8, 2016

pretty pictures for Mother’s Day


looking east up Front St. at N. Church



2016’s disappointing cherry blossom peak at 16 Washington Ave.

 Mothers know something about disappointment, and so do photographers. It has been quite disappointing to see so few blossoms the past few weeks in the Stockade. On blocks that have regularly elicited choruses of oohs and aahs from residents and visitors over this past decade, I’ve almost had to squint to see the 2016 cherry blossoms, and the magnolia and forsythia blossoms, too.

With last year’s falloff in blossoms, and now this year’s Blossom Famine, I will definitely no longer take the Stockade Spring Fashion Show for granted.  If stretches of abnormally warm and abnormally cold weather become typical as our winters end and Spring arrives, Blossom Watch will become a craps shoot along the Mohawk.

CucumberSunset05May2016a Nevertheless, even if less showy and rather subtle, beauty was everywhere the past month along the streets of our neighborhood, and along the Mohawk (see the Cinco de Mayo sunset off Cucumber Alley to the left), and this Slideshow is proof. It is dedicated to my Mother (“Mama G”) and mothers everywhere, who deserve pretty pictures every day for all they do and give.

The photos in the Slideshow can also be found in a Gallery at the bottom of this post. You can click on a Gallery thumbprint image to see a larger version.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


bonus (May 19, 2016):


. . while shooting Stockade trees on May 18, I saw this runner on almost every block . . 


If you’re nostalgic for Stockade blossoms, our 2013 posting “cherry blossoms are showing off again in the Stockade“, presented the usual spectacular blossom show. For example, the magnolia tree and forsythia bush in front of the YWCA are traditionally fully abloom, as here at the end of April 2013:

 . . . 

And, the array in front of the old Boy Scouts headquarters at 2 Union Street looked like this in 2013:

Plus, right around the corner, the Mary Hill House had a similar display:

Indeed, even with gray skies, the 2013 cherry blossom crop on Washington Avenue was impressive:


If you’re still hungry for Stockade early-spring beauty, click these links to see Stockade blossoms celebrated over the years here at suns along the Mohawk:

The photos in the Slideshow above are arrayed in the following Gallery. Click on a thumbprint image to see a larger version:

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