Posted by: David Giacalone | June 14, 2016

Flag Day 2016 (with Lawrence Pride updates)

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  •  It was a beautiful day in the Stockade for Flag Day 2016.




. . IMG_0691




update (June 15, 2016): Yesterday evening, a Pride Flag was hung at Lawrence Circle to show solidarity with the victims of the Orlando FL Pulse Massacre, June 12, 2016. Here are a few shots taken this morning, June 15.

IMG_0732    . . . IMG_0729-002



. . this collage shows Old Glory & the Pride Flag flying at Lawrence Circle and the Schenectady YWCA in the Stockade (click on it for a larger version):


Bonus: Thanks to two vigilant photographers, I can share photos taken on the evening of Flag Day, shortly after the Pride Flag was installed at Lawrence Circle. Thank you Bob and Ray (and Mary):

LawrencePrideFlagDay-RLegere . . . BStern-lawrencerainbow2

. . Photo on Left by Ray Legere, on Right by Bob Stern. Click for larger version.

Follow-Up (June 16, 2016): Today’s Schenectady Gazette had a photo of the flag and Lawrence on its front page.  I am not sure exactly when, but by mid-morning today the Pride Flag was gone. When I heard about the purloined rainbow flag, I sent an e-letter to the Historic Stockade Yahoo! email group making two major points: (1) the message sent by the Pride Flag resonates far beyond the LGBT community and I was proud to see it beside Lawrence; and (2) Lawrence Circle is a public park and free expression there is and should be protected.  For the text of that email message, see “did the haters visit Lawrence Circle?“.


Father’s Day 2016

. . . (June 19, 2016) More Pride: The Pride flag that had been taken on Thursday was left at Arthur’s Market, and has been returned to the neighbors who had flown it from Lawrence’s bow on Flag Day. They have not replaced it on Lawrence, because they discovered on Thursday that another Rainbow flag had been draped along the fence at Lawrence Circle. Here’s a photograph of the Circle with the rainbow flag, taken on a lovely, hot Father’s Day, June 19, 2016:




  1. […]  Below is an email that I sent this afternoon to the Historic Stockade Yahoo! email group, cc-ing various media members. For more Flag Day photos from the Stockade, including pride flag images, see our sister weblog “suns along the Mohawk.” […]

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