Posted by: David Giacalone | January 1, 2017

ending the year with Lawrence

lawrence31dec2016a In a changing and somewhat scary world, it is always comforting to know that Lawrence is steadfastly on guard at his Circle.* And, this time of year, he is accompanied by a brightly-lighted evergreen tree. So, I ended 2016 by stopping off for one more round of Lawrence-with-the-Tree photos. So far this winter, I’ve been unable to catch the tree frosted with snow, but it has nonetheless been a lovely addition to the Stockade street scene, and I have especially enjoyed seeing it from down the block when walking or driving east on Front Street toward Lawrence after sunset.

The following collage contains a few images snapped at Lawrence Circle on December 31, 2016, at a little past 4:30 in the afternoon. Click on the collage for a much larger version:



img_3261 . . . img_3263

. . [L] looking south up No. Ferry toward Union St.; [R] looking toward Green St.


* Lawrence’s diligence is celebrated in the very first edition of Explore Schenectady County, the magazine of Visit Schenectady, the Schenectady County Convention and Visitors and Bureau. The magazine’s City of Schenectady section, telling The Story behind the Electric City, recounts Lawrence’s role encouraging the Dutch to rebuild after the 1690 Massacre, with a photo of Lawrence captioned: “‘Lawrence the Indian’ continues to watch over the Stockade.” See the screenshot below. If the photo of Lawrence looks familiar, that’s because it was first seen here at “suns along the Mohawk,” and a detail from the photograph graces our masthead.


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