Posted by: David Giacalone | August 20, 2017

sunset beauty before the big eclipse

This evening before the much-anticipated 2017 solar eclipse, I headed out my door a little before sunset to head over to Riverside Park. Before I got there, three teens with skateboards leaving the Park passed by; the sun playing with a lawn chair behind 10 Washington Avenue caught my fancy, and the site of the soon-to-be-moved 4 Washington Avenue distracted me.

  •  Then, as soon as I entered Riverside Park, I saw a cute little toddler, whose parent was walking away toward the Park path, trying to climb a boulder at the end of Governor’s Lane parking lot (as the “leaders” who sneaked the boulders into the Park, without any chance for neighbors to comment, should have anticipated).

Luckily, the beauty of a golden sun on the horizon, reflected in the Mohawk, demanded my attention and soothed my agitated mind. I also met a couple with cameras and tripods on a bench near the playlot; we spoke of the wonderful sunsets in this little Park, Vietnam, institutional religion, and more. You can see the physical elements mentioned above in the following Slideshow.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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