Posted by: David Giacalone | July 6, 2018

my camera took some liberties with the Casino fireworks


I hope you got to see this year’s Independence Day Fireworks from Rivers Casino at Mohawk Harbor in person. Like the first version, in 2017, it was a fine show. And, like last year, I saw them with a just-right-sized crowd in Riverside Park.

IMG_7841However, my camera, monopod, and shutter finger continued their fireworks revolt, as I tried to capture the Mohawk Harbor July 4th display, with unconventional results. (See JJF 2018, for another recent example) The randomly fashioned images are, nonetheless, like my children, and I appreciate them for their unique attributes and beauty. They’re fun to play with, too. I hope you enjoy the inadvertently pretty, and pretty strange, images

Click on any of the photos in this posting, including those in the mosaic below, for a larger version whose details I hope will please you.



  • All the photos were taken from Riverside Park, near the play lot, looking east toward the CSX/Amtrak trestle and Mohawk Harbor.  I got to enjoy them with Julianna, Richard, Laura, Finnegan and Jim. Plus, Good Doggie McKee, who agreed that the distance made the explosions a lot more tolerable. A slight dip in temperature and breeze even made the historic heat wave bearable.

Next year, maybe I’ll experiment some on the shorter, July 3 fireworks show from Rivers Casino. Then, on the 4th, work to capture a good portion of the fireworks as they actually look in the sky. And, also see what serendipity and a shaky monopod yield to surprise my inner child and Independence muse.





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  1. Wow never seen fireworks looking like that before.

    • Hello, Valerie. Thanks for stopping by. I wasn’t trying for something different, but I decided to make an omelet out of some broken eggs.

      • ????? OK I was talking bout fireworks pic . I didn’t see any omlets

      • Valerie, I am sorry for the confusion. I was just using the old saying about having broken eggs and saving the situation by making omelets. My fireworks photos were “broken”, they did not come out looking right. So, I decided to use them anyway, because they were interesting and pretty.

      • Oh ok. Sorry . bout that. .but the firework look cool even if/you’re camera made it look like that. Have a good day.

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