Posted by: David Giacalone | December 30, 2018

Nearly New Year’s Eve


. . above & below: Light and Laser show caps the premiere Nearly New Year’s Eve event at Gateway-Liberty Plaza (Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018) . . 


. . share this post with this shorter URL:; for many daytime photos of Gateway-Liberty Plaza and background information, see .

IMG_9834-001 . . Right: Gateway Plaza designer (and Planning Commission Chair) Mary Moore Wallinger at the Nearly Event with her son; Below: Light-show screen viewed from behind the urban pillar art chosen by Ms. Wallinger for the Plaza . . 


According to this morning’s Sunday Gazette, “Despite frigid winds, the inaugural Nearly New Year’s Eve attracted approximately 200 people to Gateway Park Saturday night.” See “Kids, adults celebrate Nearly New Year in Schenectady: Live music and laser light show draws families and community” (Daily Gazette, by Jason Subik, Dec. 30, 2018). The article adds:

I did not arrive at the event until just before the light show, and so I did not see how busy the Schenectady County Ale Trail tents were. But, to mention a personal pet peeve, I saw no mention on their signs that customers should Drink Responsibly or appoint a Designated Driver.
Here are a few more images from the event. Click on an image in the mosaic for a larger version.

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