Posted by: David Giacalone | January 21, 2019

our first snow storm lures me outside

img_9876 The Capital Region, including Schenectady and its Stockade neighborhood, had its first snow storm of the winter of 2018-2019 this past weekend (January 19-20). Against the advice of my saner friends and family members, I headed out with my camera and monopod (and long-johns) to capture a few images, with”real feel” temperatures heading toward zero degrees. For most of my snow stroll, the sky was low and gray, and blowing snow limited visibility. Also, I had resolved not to climb over tall snowbanks to make special shots, as previously done in my reckless “youthful” exuberance. Thus, to my eye, despite about 14 inches of new snow, I did not capture images quite as gorgeous as those presented by the Mohawk River and the Stockade in previous winter storms. (Such as the first snowy day in December 2006; and a nighttime snow stroll in 2014.)

Nonetheless, below are a few pictures presented to memorialize the event. (The image above is out my front door, Washington Avenue at Front Street/Cucumber Alley.) At the end of my Snow Sojourn, a bit of blue appeared in the sky as I approached home, as seen here above the Schenectady County Historical Society.



Of course, the bit of sun did little to help the lengthy struggle of my neighbor (above), who was eventually able to urge her Chevy Volt up the scarcely-plowed Cucumber Alley roadway.

You can see a full and larger version of the images in the following mosaic by clicking on an image, and roll over the image to see a caption.



img_9886 . . did Lawrence leave to grab some hot cocoa?

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