Posted by: David Giacalone | December 15, 2019

celebrating our 2019 Stockade Tree


IMG_0731-003 We got an early start today celebrating this year’s Stockade Christmas Tree. It arrived on Wednesday, December 11, as we reported here. Delayed by the big snow storm earlier this month, it was worth the wait.

Today, the traditional After-glow Party at St. George’s Great Hall, morphed into a daylight, pre-lighting party, focused on activities for young children. The kids were all delightful [as one observer put if, “well-behaved and cute”; e.g.,  Xav, photo on the right]. And, there were lots of cookies and sweet things to eat and adults brimming with good cheer. Santa was also in a fine mood and stood out in red among the new white tables and chairs.

Thanks again this year to St. George’s hosting Stromberg Family; and to Tree Maven Colleen Macaulay and the Stockade Association. And, thanks to all the neighbors who contributed snacks and weathered strong winds to celebrate the 2019 Stockade Tree and Holiday Season.

  • The Slideshow is presented in the order the photos were taken. Sadly, a number of really cute or colorful photos were a bit too blurry to use (blame the photographer, not the subjects). For a larger version of an image in the Slideshow, pause on the photos, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab.

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IMG_0777. . IMG_0789

. . who needs focus, when you’ve got Christmas cheer? . . 

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