Posted by: David Giacalone | December 11, 2019

2019 Stockade Holiday Tree Arrives

IMG_0708  . .


The 2019 Stockade Tree was installed today at Lawrence Circle, and its lights strung, thanks to traditional help from a City Parks Work Crew. As you can see above, the tree towers over Lawrence and will apparently unfold into a lovely shape. Its erection was delayed due to snow-removal activities, but we still have plenty of time to appreciate this special neighborhood tradition. Thanks go to the Stockade Association, and its “Holiday Tree committee”, especially Colleen Macaulay and Susannah Hand for arrangements and vigilance.


TREE LIGHTING NEWS: As headlined in the December Spy, the Ceremony and Celebration have been “shaken up”, with a new schedule. Here’s the announcement at the Stockade Association website for the Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Stockade Tree Lighting Ceremonies – Sunday, December 15th 3:00 PM

At 3:00 activities for children, and refreshments at St. George’s Hall. At 4:30 tree lighting at Lawrence Circle.


At the St. George’s Hall, there will be refreshments (as always, your donations are very welcome), activities for kids (of all ages), a visit with Santa Claus, and caroling. Shortly before 4:30, there will be a procession to Lawrence Circle for the dedication and lighting of the Tree. You can refresh your memory about last year’s festivities here.

Click on any of the tiles below for a glimpse of the Tree from various angles around the Circle. I hope to enjoy the Lighting events with many of my neighbors.

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