Posted by: David Giacalone | May 25, 2017

pump house blues? don’t throw in the towel


defend Riverside Park

 Fighting City Hall, or simply having an informative discussion with it, has frustrated citizens for as long as there have been citizens and city halls. But, some issues are worth the fight and the frustrations. That is especially true when there appear to be thoughtful elected and appointed leaders who seem open to meaningful discourse.

On a gray and rainy Thursday afternoon, I took a colorful Protest Blanket — or OpEd Towel — down my block to the west end of Riverside Park for a photo shoot. The results can be seen in the following slideshow and throughout this posting. This absorbent blanket speaks for itself: it is way too soon to throw in the towel, which I hope to be using as a blanket on the West Lawn for years to come. (And, see, Memorial Day Bonus at foot of this posting.)

 . . 


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Memorial Day Bonus (May 29, 2017):

PumpHouseTowel-Lawrence [L] Lawrence opines

IMG_3792 . . IMG_3789

. . above: Riverside Park Playlot . . 


NewPumpStation2 To help the cause, print out a copy of our “Pump Station Petition“, to sign or distribute.

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