Posted by: David Giacalone | May 16, 2017

send City Hall a message on the New Pump Station

update: (May 22, 2017) Our Message Sent today to the Mayor & City Council. Click for pdf. version of the email, which included as attachments the three collages found below the Slideshow.

Noah-Messenger1 . . [Noon, Wed.] here’s Noah, our first Not In Our Park “Messenger”. .

This Slideshow highlights Riverside Park Lovers sending City Hall a message about preserving our lovely Park. (For a larger version of an image, right-click on it and choose Show Image in New Tab.)

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NIOPSendAMessageDay1 . . click [L] Day 1 Collage;

  SAMDay2e . . SAMDay3-4e 

above: [L]. . Day 2 Collage … [R] Days 3 & 4 Collage. .Please let the folks in Schenectady’s City Hall know if you agree with our message that there should be No New Pump Station in Riverside Park — instead, retrofit or upgrade the Old Pump Station on its own parcel, or put a new sewage pump station in the extra space on that lot, or elsewhere, outside our Park.

IMG_2324 . . IMG_9476-001

Below are names and email addresses for City Council Members, and the Mayor, and two Gazette journalists who may be sympathetic to our outcry — especially due to the lack of transparency and neighborhood input.

NIOPsceneF You could also download and send one of the “photo OpEds” to Save Our Park we posted on May 10th, along with words of your own. Or, take a photo with Our Sign [immediately below] or one of your own on the West Lawn of Riverside Park.

  • the first Selfie-Pumpie photo session will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 15-17, from 6 to 7 PM, on the West Lawn of Riverside Park. Look at this space to see if additional dates are added.
  • RALLY – June 24. A Rally to support the Not In Our Park campaign will be held on Saturday, June 24, at 11 AM, at Arthur’s Market, 35 N. Ferry Street. Who knows, by then it might be a Victory Party.
  • Share this posting with the short URL:
  • Thanks for your words and actions in support of Saving Our Park from a new pump station.

SEND CITY HALL YOUR MESSAGE – words, images, etc, with the email addresses below.

 Note that Council President Leesa Perazzo sets the Council’s agenda and priorities; and that resolutions relating to a New Pump Station to replace or update the Old Pump House have been handled to date by the Public Services & Utilities Committee. However, unanswered questions about funding the grandiose new pump station project, with its additional $10 million bill for new piping, suggest that the Finance Committee should have many questions and concerns. And, of course, the Recreation & Parks Committee should be interested in preserving parkland. Vince Riggi (Ind.) heads the Claims committee, which probably is not relevant to our campaign, but please do not forget that Council member Riggi was the only vote against building a new pump station when the Council voted out a resolution to that effect in September 2014, and Vince would like to know your opinion.


President, Leesa Perazzo –


Public Service & Utilities 

Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas – Chair –

Marion Porterfield –

Vincent Riggi –

Health & Recreation 

Marion Porterfield – Chair

John Mootooveren –

Vincent Riggi


Leesa Perazzo – Chair –

John Mootooveren

Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas

Administrative Efficiency 

John Polimeni – Chair –

City Development & Planning 

Ed Kosiur – Chair –

John Mootooveren

Public Safety                            Intergovernmental Relations 

John Mootooveren – Chair        Ed Kosiur – Chair

Mayor Gary McCarthy –

State Legislature

110th Assemblyman Phil Steck –

111th- Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara – 

49th – State Senate – Jim Tedisco –

Schenectady Gazette 

Editorial Page Editor – Mark Mahoney –

Columnist – Sara Foss –


  1. I think s new pump house is a great idea. I don’t understand why the other people in stockade are against having one. Then the park won’t smell like poo any more if we have a new pump station. I’m for a new pump station. 😃

    • Valerie, we are all for an improved pump station. We simply believe — and have tried to make it clear — that it is not necessary to put it in Riverside Park, given that there is room behind the old pump station, we believe it might be possible to retrofit the old pump station, or it can be placed elsewhere outside the Park.

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