Posted by: David Giacalone | May 19, 2013

a Stockade rooftop high

photo of portion of the 1st Reformed Church steeple in the Schenectady NY Stockade District taken from the roof of The Colonial Arms apartment building - 14May2013 It took me 25 years of Stockade living to get to the roof of the Colonial Arms apartment building, at 9 North Church Street. Thanks to good neighbor and building superintendent Pete Pasternak, I finally got to enjoy the view earlier this week from the Stockade’s tallest (non-church) building, on a day with a gorgeous blue sky and lovely clouds, in tne company of two of my most charming and adventurous friends, Sylvie Briber and Susannah Hand.

Peter, Susannah & Sylvie looking east

The views were even more breathtaking than my camera could capture, but I still needed to share the results.  The new perspective on some of my favorite photographic subjects was enlightening and enjoyable. I will surely get back up there quite a few times in the next quarter century, if the Colonial Arms management invites me back.


– more than ever, I urge you to click on a photo to see a larger version .

There are twenty images in this Slideshow.  You can also see them all separately in the Gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


collage of photos taken on the roof of the Colonial Arms in Schenectady NY - 14May2013 . here’s a collage with some of my favorite shots; click on it for a much larger version.

This Gallery has each of the photos in the Slideshow above.  Scroll over a picture for a description and click on it for a larger version:


Thanks again to Peter for hosting our picturesque rooftop visit.


  1. David’s header for the Friends of the Library web site is magnificent. Thank you.

    Ellie Rowland

    • Many thanks, Ellie. I haven’t seen you in ages, and I hope you and Gene are doing well and enjoying your travels.

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