Posted by: David Giacalone | June 5, 2010

stalking the Stockade Sidewalk Sale 2010

. . .

– the scene at Governor’s Lane and Front St. around 9:30 AM  – click on any photo to enlarge it

Neighborhood events rarely disappoint me, but today’s Stockade Sidewalk Sale came pretty close.  Perhaps the scores of participating sellers from 2009 sold out their inventory at last year’s Sidewalk Sale.  Or, maybe a week’s worth of weather forecasts for morning and afternoon thunderstorms and intense rain on Saturday discouraged folks from getting a permit and setting out tables this year.  Either way, the result was a paltry number of “garage sale” sidewalk tables sporadically dispersed around our Stockade neighborhood.

Luckily for me, I got to enjoy the company of Sylvie Briber and the enchanting Ms. Lollipop again this year (see our 2009 sidewalk sale stroll here).  I didn’t take many photos, but a cute dog and a cute kid saved the day sufficiently to warrant this lightweight posting.

One highlight (which I obliviously failed to document with a photo or two) was Sylvie’s discovery of a pan to use to make the lady-fingered custard-like dessert Charlotte Russe (click to see one version of the recipe, which Sylvie tells me is the namesake for the chain of young women’s fashion stores).  Our Stockade Spy editor was so enthused by the find that even this old curmudgeon had to smile over how much joy a little odd-shape pan can create for a mere $2. (Of course, I’m hoping to sample Sylvie’s version of Charlotte Russe, via Julia Child, some time soon.)

Meanwhile, my little buddy Devin was a wee bit crabby this morning being pushed around the Sidewalk Sale in his big comfy stroller.  It took a cuddly teddy bear (with a bagful of hats) to nudge Devin toward his usual delightful demeanor.

. . . . . .

– on Front St., Champs tries to give Devin a reason to smile  –

My original remark about being disappointed in today’s Sidewalk Sale was really not precise.  As an opportunity to make interesting purchases from a broad array of sellers or to see lots of my neighbors behind their sales tables, the event was not very satisfying — especially as compared to last year.

However, as a chance to enjoy schmoozing and chatting with friends and neighbors on a lovely summer-like day, it was a very enjoyable experience.  Thanks again to Sylvie and Lollipop, and Devin and Laurie, plus Owen with his muffins, for helping to make my Saturday in the Stockade fun and even a little heartwarming.

. . . sitting this one out

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