Posted by: David Giacalone | July 31, 2010

Central Park rose garden honored

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According to today’s Schenectady Daily Gazette:

Schenectady’s [Central Park] Rose Garden has been voted one of the top 10 in the country, beating out about 120 other public rose gardens. . . .

“All-America’s Rose Selections held a contest to determine which of its 130 certified gardens is the best. The first round was a public vote, which is where the Central Park Rose Garden excelled.

“Now experts will decide which of the top 10 deserves the honor of being No. 1. The final ranking will be announced on Aug. 12.”

(“Rose garden voted among nation’s top 10“, B1; by Kathleen Moore; July 31, 2010; update [Aug. 14, 2010]: the Garden’s final rank is 3rd of 130 entries, per today’s Schenectady Gazette, “Central Park Rose Garden gets high respect: Former ‘weed patch’ voted No. 3 in U.S.”, by Rebecca Strum, at A1; online by subscription)

The story has inspired me to get back to that very special garden with my camera this weekend, taking advantage of especially good weather.  Until then, see our posting from a year ago this week, “rose garden escape” (Aug. 4, 2009), for a couple dozen photos.

update (August 1, 2010):  I got over to the Rose Garden yesterday, and the resulting post “July ends gracefully at Central Park” has two dozen photos from the Garden.

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2011 update (June 20, 2011): See our posting “rose garden in June.”

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