Posted by: David Giacalone | April 26, 2011

cherry blossom Society

. . . Our first sunny day with blossoming trees deserved to be memorialized. So, I headed up my block and snapped some photos at and around 32 Washington Ave., the Schenectady County Historical Society.  Neither the cherry blossom trees nor the magnolia trees are fully in bloom, but they are already lovely, as you can see in this slideshow.  All photos were taken Tuesday afternoon, April 26, 2011. As the blossoms mature this week across the Stockade neighborhood, I’ll be posting more photos at this site.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click on the images in the Gallery below for a larger version. [follow-up (8:30 PM): After the Gallery, you’ll find photos showing the purple cherry blossom hues brought out by the light near sunset.]


 follow-up (8:30 PM, April 26, 2011): Near sunset, our pink cherry blossoms showed us their purple side (click on each for a larger version):

 . . .


  . . .

– more 2011 Stockade blossoms here

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