Posted by: David Giacalone | September 19, 2019

foggy river morning

IMG_2412 . . IMG_2451 

 . . view west from Riverside Park Overlook at [L] 8:14 and [R] 8:30 AM

This morning, the CBS News 6 team told me there was quite a bit of fog at various river locations in the area. When I got outside at 8 AM, a thick fog blanketed the Mohawk River along its Schenectady Stockade riverbank. I was lucky to be able to see several phases of the fog along the River, at Cucumber Alley, Washington Avenue, and Riverside Park over the next 40 minutes.







.. above: rear of 1 Cucumber Alley ; below: scene from 16 Washington Avenue sidewalk toward River . .


This Slideshow depicts my September foggy photoshoot, September 19, 2019. Each of the images can also be found separately in the Thumbnail Grid at the bottom of this posting.

  • For more Stockade and Mohawk fog postings, click here.





This slideshow requires JavaScript.


view west from near Gov. Lane 8:34 AM





Below is a Thumbnail Grid of the Slideshow photos. Click on one for a larger version.




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